Hyaluronic Acid (HA) is a naturally occurring sugar found in almost every human and animal and is the skin’s key component for retaining water in the skin, creating volume and elasticity.

HA is naturally found throughout all layers of the skin however, as we age, the ability of the skin to regenerate the cells lost to damage, is drastically reduced.  Skin damage is happening all the time, gravity, sunlight, stress, bad diet, smoking, alcohol etc. all contribute to this damage.  This damage is most commonly visible via the presence of wrinkle lines.

GLODERM uses HA to repair this damage by reintroducing HA across the skin layers and restoring the appearance of wrinkles and aging.  The specially formulated Viscoelastic gel allows oxygen and nutrients to replenish with ease.

Over time, the HA is naturally broken down by the body.  The effects of GLODERM last around 12 months so you can look naturally beautiful for longer.